Tallahassee Office Complex

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The project is part of a 30-acre parcel around SE Capital Circle & S Blairstone in Tallahassee, Fl. The first Phase of the project consists of a 150,000 SF office building on three floors; which will be build specifically for a government agency tenant.

128 St Office Building

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The project consists of a parcel of approximately 2.9 acres, fronting SW 128th Street in Miami, Fl and backing into a lake. The plan consists of a building of approximately 80,000 SF of gross area, elevated with a ground lobby and three (3) floors above covered parking and balance of parking on grade.

dcsp-ae launches new website

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Our firm shares a philosophy, which values high professional standards, integrity and excellence. Quality combined with cost‐effective solutions, always in pursuit of excellence in design, with the efficient use of time and resources, assuring our clients a successful product within their schedules and budget. “Simplicity is the beauty of Design” Martin A. Diaz-Yabor 1982

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