Construction Administration

DCS&P prides itself in being a hands-on type firm.  We as architects have a tremendous responsibility to the Client to make sure the Contractor gets the project right.  Hence, we spend countless hours making sure the project is built as it was designed and within the budget that was established.  We have been doing this for over thirty years with a tremendous success rate.  Not to mention that for many years we had a construction division and participated in many design-build projects. 

This experience is invaluable to the Client, not every architect understands the construction process, not everything that is put on paper necessarily works unless you understand what you are designing, means and methods is another area of expertise that many architects don’t have unless they have gone through the actual experience of building it.  All this and many more is what we bring to the table.  

Having been General Contractors (still licensed), and having done many building types over the years, has given us the experience from the actual shovel in the ground to the turning of the key (delivery), which gives the Client the confidence, security and comfort level of knowing that we are going to be on top.  DCS&P’s experience is probably one of the most well-rounded and complete out there in the industry.  When it comes to project delivery within time and budget we are second to none and we have our Clients that can vouch for that!