Architectural Services

Architectural services include the designs and preparation of construction documents and construction administration. We provide a wide array of project management, feasibility studies, imaginative structural design implementations.

Engineering Services

Our team of structural engineers will ensure that the right structurally critical aspects of your project are given the proper consideration and with elegant implementations.

Interior Design Services

No project is complete without the proper interior design. Our team of imaginative interior designers will make your interior not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.

Urban & Town Planning

Planning and construction for sustainable urban and town settings with transit-oriented neighborhoods, districts, corridors, towns and cities.

Construction Administration

Our administration teams provide project leadership and maintain focus on budget constraints and construction schedules to ensure on-time deliveries and milestones throughout the project's life cycle.

Computer Operations

DCSP offers digital rendering and sketch services for your project using the latest in 3D/2D design software we are able to construct a digital version of your project for ease of visualization and planning.

Costing and Building Inspection

A thorough costing and building inspection is vital before starting any project. Allow DCSP to ensure your have an accurate idea of the scope of work and the right administrative team.

Customer Relations

Off course customer relations are number 1, we ensure that your experience with our firm is the best it can be and maintain a professional and proper interaction with our clients.

Forensics & Expert Witness

DCS&P provides forensic analysis and expert consulting services in the areas of architecture, engineering and construction, as related to design, construction, and personal injury claims.